Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a plastic surgery to create a natural-looking breast very similar into the shape and appearance of the natural breast which was removed as a result of breast cancer or another disease (mastectomy).

The breast reconstruction improves a woman’s appearance, self-confidence and overall quality of life, giving emotional satisfaction as it creates a natural appearance to the whole breast. It is a rewarding procedure for a patient who has lost a breast.

Breast reconstruction Málaga

Procedures of breast reconstruction

There are several plastic surgery procedures of breast reconstruction to restore a breast to near normal appearance, size and shape, after a mastectomy.

A very common method of reconstructing a breast is the skin expansion with a breast implant inserted beneath the skin and chest muscle. The nipple and skin surrounding the incision will be reconstructed at a later time.

Other option is a flap reconstruction that allows the breast to be rebuilt with natural tissue, or to remove tissue from the abdomen for transplant.

How a breast reconstruction is done?

Dr. Ruiz Ruiz performs the breast reconstruction under general anaesthetic (asleep) in a hospital in Malaga or the Costa del Sol area. This plastic surgery procedure normally lasts a minimum of two or more hours.

The breast reconstruction following mastectomy is one of the most gratifying plastic surgeries for patients, because it can reduce the emotional impact of mastectomy.

This information cannot replace the detailed information of a personal consultation with the plastic surgeon Dr. Ruiz Ruiz.

So, if you live in Malaga or the Costa del Sol,  and are interested in a breast reconstruction, please contact our office to schedule your consultation today.