Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement has been the most common cosmetic procedure in Malaga and the Costa del Sol area for many years, which is testimony to its safety and ability to achieve a satisfying outcome in most patients.

Many women choose to have a breast enlargement because it increases breast size and creates a lovely, full shape. It also can increase femininity, confidence, the ability to wear clothes that previously were not suitable, and to achieve more symmetrical breasts that are in proportion to the body. This cosmetic surgery is appropriate for women who are looking to increase the size and fullness of their breast because they have always had small breasts, or have lost breast volume after having children.

The size and shape of breasts can fluctuate in response to changes in weight, pregnancy, the aging process, breast feeding and after a large weight loss.

Breast enlargement Malaga

How a breast enlargement is done?

Breast enlargement involves the placement of an implant under the breast tissue to enhance the size and shape of the breast.

A breast implant consists of a silicone gel or sometimes salt water. Some implants are anatomical –referred as tear drop- and others are round. The implant shape can either be round, which provides a bigger volume at the top of the breast, or tear-shaped, which can look more natural. Both options have varying degrees of projection.

At your first consultation with Dr. Ruiz Ruiz you will be examined and some discussion will follow about implant shapes and possible sizes. If you are considered suitable you will be told about the operation, the expected outcome and possible risks and complications.

During breast enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery is done under general anaesthetic and it takes one to two hours. 

The operation itself involves using one of the insertion routes mentioned above: breast-crease, armpit or nipple, and creating the pocket for the implant. Implants are usually inserted using an incision under the breast at the crease, but can be put in via an incision in the armpit or around the nipple, be placed either directly behind the breast (subglandular), or beneath the muscle behind the breast (submuscular).

Breasts can be made larger by placing an implant either under the breast tissue, or behind the muscle on which the breast lies. Implants are usually inserted through incisions in the fold under the breast (i.e. inframammary fold). Alternatively, the incisions may be made around the areola or in the armpit.

Breast enlargement Málaga, Costa del Sol

After breast enlargement

In breast enlargement cosmetic surgery, the post-operative pain is easily controlled. Most patients will spend one night in hospital, then they will be mobile from day one and should be back to full exercise within six weeks. In order to ensure they recuperate fully, it is recommended that the patient takes one or two weeks off work immediately after the operation.

If you live in Malaga or the Costa del Sol area and are interested in breast enlargement, please contact our office to schedule your consultation today.