Lipsis a cosmetic treatment to increase naturally the volume of the lips to create fuller, smoother lips, to improve the thickness and shape of the lips, to lift the corners of mouths and to correct wrinkles, providing a natural and long lasting effect.


Lip augmentation is an anti-aging procedure, improving lips, which is one of the noticeable sign of aging. The choice of the best natural-looking results, as safely as possible, will depend on the surgeons experience and the patients wishes.


The lip enhancement treatment which is most common consists of injecting filler substances into the lip with an anaesthetic to avoid pain. The treatment lasts nearly ten minutes and the results last between 4-6 months. A quick treatment can add volume and definition to your lips, balance your asymmetric lips or reduce vertical lines.


After several months, the injections need to be repeated to maintain the enhancement and augmentation.


Lip Augmentation can be performed by injecting your own fat into your lips. The autologous fat transfer is taken from body fat. The extraction of the fat is made via liposuction, which is reinjected into the desired location.


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