Botoxis a neurotoxic complex which relaxes fatigued muscles. The muscles, after years of frequent contraction, cause facial wrinkles, lines between your brows, and lines around your eyes or nose. Botox gives a rejuvenated look, a relaxed face and young and natural appearance.


Using the right quantity of Botox at the right sites results not only in fading away wrinkles, but ensures the patient continues to retain a natural expression and look. Individual results may vary, but a noticeable improvement in moderate to severe lines on the face can be seen within three to five days after surgery.


The effect of Botox lasts for up to four or five months.  However this may vary depending on the patient. Over time the nerve inhibition is reversed and another injection of Botox may be needed to maintain the therapeutic effect.


We suggest a course of Botox sessions - one Botox session is not enough. The area treated is injected with a very fine needle in very low doses of botox. Botox essentially paralyzes the muscular fibres, blocks overactive muscles and stops them from contracting and the wrinkles practically disappear.


Botox should not be used in areas where there is inflammation or infection  or during pregnancy and breast feeding. But Botox, in the doses used, is not toxic and was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), and is used in around 80 countries, including Spain, for treating a wide spectrum of patients


Botox shots require a precise knowledge of facial anatomy. Your risk of complication increases when Botox injections are performed by unskilled practitioners.


Botox should only be injected with sterile instruments in a cosmetic clinic by a trained registered medical practitioner, such as Dr. Ruiz Ruiz.


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